Rock Gap Navajo Nation Relief Effort

COVID19 Support for the Navajo People

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Hello, friends, family, and my people, I am called Lindison Yazzie Webb, I am of the Rock Gap people, born of the Edge Water people, my maternal grandfather is of the Tangle Clan people, my paternal grandfather is of the Many Goats people, I live in Cedar City, Utah and I am from the house among the sage (where I was born). Thank you.

-- Yá’át’ééh, shik’éí dóó shi dine’é, Shí éí Lindison Yazzie Webb yinishye’. Tsédeeshgizhnii nishli, Tábąąhá bashishchiin, Ákót’éego diné nishłį́, Ta'neeszahnii dachicheei, Tł'ízí lání dashinali, Cedar City, Utah-di kééhasht’į́ doo Tsabiikiin déé’ naashá. Aheehee! -- 

As most will know, I am a Navajo, I was born about 10 miles south of the Utah border in a small village called Inscription House. I attended the boarding school in Kaibeto, AZ, and went to high school in Page, AZ. 

The last few months have changed a lot of how we live; it has exposed great gaps in the social safety nets that a lot of us take for granted. One of these gaps has been exasperated by the Coronavirus ("Dikos Ntsaaígíí-19"), which has shown a great ability to get others sick in small spaces. The Navajo Nation has a limited number of clean potable water sources, which require many people to use the same water source. 

Part of my effort is to supply drinking water to members of the tribe (specifically in northwestern Navajo country, the part of the tribe closest to me). For the past month, we've been self-funding out efforts, but have decided on crowdsourcing. Below is the gofundme link.

If you are in Southwestern Utah and want to help, please email me at

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Lindis Webb,
Jun 15, 2020, 3:56 PM