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Rockgap-COVID-19 Relief Effort

July 9th supply drop in Kaibeto

Good morning Tsédeeshgizhnii Nation! We successfully completed the delivery of 75 x 20lbs bags of flour (1500 lbs). This journey took on a drive all the way to Cortez, Colorado. On a suggestion from my wife, I contacted the Cortez Milling company directly. After speaking with the owner, we made arrangements to pick up 1500 lbs of flour. On the way to Cortez, we spent a night in Moab, UT, we took some much needed R&R and spent a couple of days in Telluride, CO

Once our R&R was completed, we took a quick drive to Durango (to pick up a dual axle U-Haul trailer). While in Durango, CO, we also caught up with the Durango Herald and one of its photographers (Jerry). So look for a story getting posted in the future sometime. We then drove to Cortez, CO, where we stopped by the Cortez Milling company, where we met up with Troy and others to load the trailer. 

After the pickup, we drove across the full width of the Navajo Nation to get to Kaibeto, AZ. We dropped off the flour, my drone flew away (a DJI Mavic Mini), and we had some authentic Navajo Fry Bread and Navajo muttons stew, super delish. Upon getting fed, we drove back to Utah, all in all, our journey took us 800 miles, and we drove in a huge loop (around Lake Powell and Capitol Reef National Park).

This supply drop will be distributed to 75 families, so it's a massive win for our work. Thank you so much for everything. Focus items for the next drop are flour (Blue Bird), PPE, Sanitation, and Vitamins. 

Our journey through Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona

Catching 1500 lbs of flour has made my back sore! 

The picture of our stack of flour delivered to Kaibeto, AZ

June 19th supply drop in Kaibeto

News story on our efforts!!! Saint George News 
Story on the size of the outbreak in Navajo Country: KOB4News

After about a week and a half of foraging, we collected enough to make a meaningful delivery to Kaibeto, AZ. 

We rented a 12x6 dual axle from U-Haul ( and loaded about a ton of supplies into it. Canned goods, spray bottles, and boxes were prioritized. Our trip followed the same path we took on June 14th. Our trip was mostly eventless, with several exceptions... 

1) Lots of smoke in the air from the Magnum Fire! 
2) Trailer tire blew out between Page, AZ, and Kaibeto, AZ

As a bonus, we were able to get some nostalgic RD's Drive-In grub on the way home (I love their Green Chilli Burger) and my wife loves their hard burritos and their rainbows! Check them out if you ever get to Page, AZ. 

All-in-all, thank you all for your help, and thank you for allowing me this moment in time to serve our communities. 

The reception team! I'm wearing the bones shirt. 

I was very excited to see my second-grade teacher! She is standing next to me in the purple. She is the teacher who was teaching gen-ed topics PLUS bi-lingual English. During this supply-drop, my teacher kept saying, "never in my wildest dreams did I think one of my students would come back and do this." This was both awesome to hear and sad to hear. It means we can do more, as a community to stand together and overcome adversities. 

The supply drop.

We were able to deliver a ton of supplies! I want to do a shoutout to Karen for purchasing items at her local Costco and linking up with us in Hurricane, UT to transfer them! thank you Karen. Karen donates her time and resources to an organization called "Anelder" - Adopt an Elder.  Check them out and make a lasting impact on the heritage keepers of the Navajo People. 

This week's focus is going to be on PPE. Already collected:

1000 x disposable facemasks
80 x bottles of 8 oz hand sanitizer 
24 x face shields
96 rolls of toilet paper
120 Scotchbrite cleaning packs (4 pack)

Priority items:
Spray bottles, cleaning supplies, cleaning materials, personal hygiene, dental hygiene, vitamins, immune boosters, and other items. 

We are possibly targeting going out on weekend but may defer to next week depending on the lockdown status of the Navajo tribe. 

Week of June 15th, Collection

Thursday's update!

Good afternoon Tsedeeshgizhnii Nation! Rented a 6 x 12 trailer and am working to fill it up! 
60 gallons of drinking water
Picked up many dozens of cardboard boxes to hold food for distribution boxes
Picked up an additional 20 bottles of honey
Picked up more coffee, 400 cups worth
120 lbs of sugar
144 lbs of flour
500 wafer pastries
120 cans of veggies
40 cans of beans
5 lbs of dry beans
48 cans of evaporated milk
10 bottles of dish soap
10 gallons bleach
10 disinfectant spray
10 bottles of 70% rubbing alcohol
18 empty spray bottles
60 cleaning sponges
10 dispensers of hand soap
12 cans of SPAM
84 cans of Chicken
96 cans of Vienna Sausages
50 packages of soup
60 lbs of assorted candy

Wednesday's foraging results!

192 rolls of toilet paper
124 bars of soap
200 Cleaning Sponges
120 rolls of paper towels
110 cans of veggies 
24 cans of SPAM
40 cans of canned Chicken
20 packages of Feminine Hygiene products
30 toothbrushes
6 packages of "flossy sticks" 
8 containers of iodized salt
80 lbs of all-purpose flour
8 gallons of Bleach
4 containers of 100 ct Immune boosters
24 cans of evaporated milk
10 bottles 70% alcohol

All-in-all a good collection. Tomorrow I plan on picking up 60 - 80 gallons of water, more canned veggies,
coffee, honey, sugar, canned meats, dish soap, spray bottles, beans, candy (treats for the kids), generic soda, 
generic q-tips, and other items. 

Monday's foraging yielding the following results! 

Ordered 528 fl oz of Hand Sanitizer, in 66 - 8 fl oz bottles
Ordered 1000 3-ply disposable masks
Picked up 150 3-ply disposable masks
Picked up 800 cups worth of coffee (20 x 40 cup packages)
Picked up a gallon of honey (in 4 fl oz bottles)
Picked up 60 Ramen Chick flavored noodles
Pick up Chicken Noodle Soup
Picked up Vitamin C Immune Boosters
Picked up 40 toothbrushes
Picked up 20 tubes of 3 oz toothpaste
Picked up 10 bottles of 70% alcohol
Picked up 10 spray bottles
Picked up 12 containers of SPAM
Picked up 8 containers of canned chicken

All-in-all, not a bad day! Tomorrow, we'll look to collect flour, hygiene products, vitamins, and canned veggies.

June 14th, Supply Drop

This is the cache location, which feeds the boxing and distribution operations. All in all, there are about 90 or so households these supply boxes have been helping.  The supplies, once brought in are sanitized (where some of the cleaning supplies go, there is a shortage of spray bottles, so we'll be looking for those in this week).  Once the supplies are sanitized, they are moved to the next phase, where they are boxed up. Each box has enough supplies to feed a family of four for two weeks. Once they are boxed up, they are set up and matched to a list that is prioritized top to bottom. The most vulnerable are on top and so forth. The list is updated and the recipients are rotated based on when they last got a supply drop. 

Our journey took us all the way to Kaibeto, AZ. Kaibeto, AZ has a special place in my heart, it is where I learned to speak English and operate my first computer (an Apple, from Mrs. Tate's computer class). The toll has been hard on this community, many people are impacted by COVID and many have died. Coming from Utah/N Arizona where not many wear masks into a hotspot was different, almost sobering. The people we interacted with kept their "social distance" and wore facemasks and gloves. If I stood to close to the chapter president, he would move away from me. I usually am the one social distancing in Cedar City, but here the threat is real. Each of the people I met here has come face to face with the victims of the Coronavirus. Each of them knows someone who has died. 

The Coronavirus is called, ("Dikos Ntsaaígíí-19"), which means, the Cough that Kills -19. For the Navajo, this illness has killed over 300 people, infected over 6,000. 

This is our crew. We are on the Glen Canyon Bridge near Page, AZ. 
I'm on the left, my daughter is in the middle, and my wife on the right (jgirlwonder), very artistic, check out her stuff! 

if you are in Southern Utah and like to donate, please email me at OR 

thank you very much for your kindness and your help. We could not change the world if we didn't not band together. 

Thanks Tsédeeshgizhnii Nation!

May 2020, Supply Drop

Supply Drop, Page, AZ, May 2020
Our first supply drop completed! We delivered 2000 lbs of supplies, the trip was a long slow haul
from Cedar City, Utah to Page, AZ. 

Our Journey: 

The route, Supply Drop, Page, AZ: May 2020

The drive was slow and long. We rented a UHAUL trailer, filled it up with about 1500 lbs of stuff
and attached it to the back of the Jeep. We also filled the Touareg with about 500 lbs of supplies. We decided to go 
over the mountain to avoid the freeway. We left the trailer in Page, AZ and drove home via the Cottonwood Canyon Rd. 

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